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Book Project

Book Project This project is a re-interpretation design of the dutch book “Gelukkige slaven” by tom lanoye.  I read the book and it reminded me of chaos and being lost and then finding yourself again.  So that is what inspired… Read More »Book Project


Branding the Protest

Branding the protest Protest movement: Doei Blaftax! In the Netherlands there is something called “hondenbelasting”  which means a tax for dogs. I find it kind of funny but at the same time there is no clear reason as to why… Read More »Branding the Protest

Logo ADM

Design Museum Amsterdam

Design Museum Amsterdam is a new museum that is possibly opening up in the future. It will be located at Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. For this project i was inquired to make a new Identity for the museum.

30 sec Filmtrailer

A 30 sec filmtrailer for an unmade film with a made up story. The story is supposed to resemble a part of my life and what makes me happy.

Krant tussenblad


Lowlands 2020 For this assignment i was asked to make an identity for a future lowlands’ festival. Lowlands Festival’s identity is very dynamic, and they have a different brand design every year. Inspiration the core values for this project was expression,… Read More »Lowlands

Brand manual1_Page_01

Start-up Hallo Rust

Start-up identity | Hallo Rust This is a project for the start-up company “Hallo Rust”. This company is owned by Martine Scheen. She is a Holistic Coach who helps people with meditation practises.  Research I had done some research on… Read More »Start-up Hallo Rust

Atonomy of sushi


Life-board This Project is about making data visible and interactive with html. I had practiced first by making an infographic about the moon cycles. And made it visually pleasing.   the anatomy of sushi The life-board is about sushi because… Read More »Lifeboard