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Branding the protest

Protest movement: Doei Blaftax!

In the Netherlands there is something called “hondenbelasting”  which means a tax for dogs. I find it kind of funny but at the same time there is no clear reason as to why the tax exists. It all started in the mid-evil times when there was rabies. They collected the money to keep the dogs off the street.

The dog tax is now slowly disappearing but i thought it would be funny to design a protest for this “blaftax” so thats what i did. I took inspiration from cartoons and the humor of dogs in general.

The Logo

In the end i designed a logo in the shape of a tekst cloud to make it more dynamic.

I began sketching all types of dogs with different kinds of emotions and styles to see which approach i was going to take for the design.

Eventually i didn’t choose any of these sketches for the design which is also pretty funny. I actually used some quick sketches for the posters that were very loose handed and quick.

The original sketches

Sticker set

Poster 1

Poster 2

Web design