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Start-up identity | Hallo Rust

This is a project for the start-up company “Hallo Rust”. This company is owned by Martine Scheen. She is a Holistic Coach who helps people with meditation practises. 


I had done some research on her website and the actual service. Spirituality is a subject that i included in my research. From my perspective spirituality is something that goes hand in hand with meditation. I joined one of her sessions as well for a better perspective.

Concept:  Discovering 

By practising meditation you can heal yourself i many ways and discover more things about life. These are some sketches i made for the concept and design.


Eventually my idea of the concept was more like looking at a sunset. That was mainly my inspiration for the design.

“Looking at a sunset and discovering yourself”.  These are the icons that are used for profile pictures or different designs.

Website design

For the web design i decided to make use up the logos horizon in the lay-out. The colours i chose are meant to stand for calmness and peace.