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Design Museum Amsterdam

Design Museum Amsterdam is a new museum that is possibly opening up in the future. It will be located at Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. For this project i was inquired to make a new Identity for the museum.


My inspiration was mainly geometric shapes that resemble constructions of  ships or buildings.                                        As you see in the mood board below.

Disclaimer: These pictures/illustrations above are not owned or created by me.

I had done some research and discovered that the Passenger Terminal building is inspired by traditional ship building construction. That was what inspired this identity design.

Concept:  construction and shape.


Fair use disclaimer.  I do not own the photographed images seen in the content below. All credit goes to its rightful owners. This content is NOT used for commercial purposes. It was used for educational purposes only.

The poster is meant t be an invitation for a exhibition. My intention was to match the shapes to the artists style.


As you can see in my folder design my idea was to make it look very dynamic and show how u can move the different shapes inside the construction. This also gives off a very dutch design look.


For the banners i tried to realize the actual system of the dynamic identity and how it works. The colors are a little off for this image because it is in CMYK color.

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