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Lowlands 2020

For this assignment i was asked to make an identity for a future lowlands’ festival. Lowlands Festival’s identity is very dynamic, and they have a different brand design every year.


the core values for this project was expression, freedom and exploration. During the sketch phase I was thinking about flames of fire. For the concept of expression.

Later on in the process, I thought about coral reefs and how they grow in very interesting ways. This inspired my design for the logo.  That way very bright colours were used also for the idea of expression and freedom.


According to my research, the festival “Lowlands” is a very big festival where psychedelics are often used. This was also an inspiration factor for the logo. The bottom half black part of the logo represents the ground and LOW lands from which the brightness and expression comes from.

Program newspaper

This identity is about being expressive and embracing your impulses. To not be afraid to be yourself at the festival.

Brand Manual

Have a look at the slides to see more of the Brand manual.