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Book Project

This project is a re-interpretation design of the dutch book “Gelukkige slaven” by tom lanoye.  I read the book and it reminded me of chaos and being lost and then finding yourself again.  So that is what inspired the concept for this book design.

Concept:  Chaos and transformation


Titel: Metamorfose

Metamorfose is the dutch translation of “metamorphosis”.

Now let’s take a look at the word metamorphosis, which has its origin in three Greek words:

Meta- comes from a Greek word meaning “beyond” or “change.”
Morph comes from a Greek word meaning “shape.”
-osis comes from Greek as well, and means “state or process.”

So translated to english it means: “process of changing shape”

And the interesting part is that i decided to split the concept and design into three parts before i realised the story was also split into three big chapters, So it all came full circle.

So all 3 parts of the book are designed differently but are still connected.


Here are 10 of the spreads to give an idea of how the design flows throughout the book.

Part 1: Downfall


Part 2 : association


Part 3 : Hope